Hemp Seed Oil Body Whip
Hemp Seed Oil Body Whip

Hemp Seed Oil Body Whip

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The same great Body Whip but customized to be fragrance and nut free

This Body Whip is specially crafted with Hemp Seed Oil to swap out the Sweet Almond Oil in the original

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

  1. Moisturizes without clogging
  2. Ability to balance out oil skin (which is why this butter is suitable for all skin types)
  3. Prevents acne caused by oil excess
  4. Contains Omega-6 oil which promotes skin growth and new cell generation
  5. Contains Omega 3 which helps combat inflammatory conditions such as eczema
  6. Soothes irritation, & prevents itchiness associated with skin elements 

Please allow up to 7-10 Days for ALL orders to be processed as this products is made by hand FRESH Weekly to insure the quality of the product